Visits to Schools

Support and advice on all aspects of ADHD and its associated conditions. Taking place in the classroom at schools and other educational settings.

Bespoke Workshops and Training

Tailored to your needs for any agency, professionals and schools. Challenging Behaviours, Self Esteem, understanding Anxiety.

ADHD Awareness

Do you want to know more about ADHD? What is ADHD? How is ADHD diagnosed? And moreā€¦..

ADHD in the Classroom

How to manage, put strategies in to encourage and improve attention leading to better learning outcomes.

123 Magic Courses and Surviving your Adolescents

A whole school approach? Parents workshops. Surviving your Adolescents the follow on from 123 Magic.

The Protective Behaviours Process

This comes from an ADHD and SEN viewpoint. Is a child showing unsafe behaviours? Do they know how to keep themselves safe? Who to talk to when feeling unsafe.

Individual Support for Students

Understanding ADHD for Children and young people. Anger management, anxiety work, building self esteem. The power of ADHD!